Hey Sosi



Useful and functional hand-crafted items.

Hey Sosi is the side project of visual artist Sofia Schizas. A Cypriot living and working in Barcelona, Spain. My love and passion for hand crafted items, pushed me to start with this project back in 2010. As an artist, I enjoy drawing, painting and creating my fabric sculptures and in a way I wanted to apply my 2D work onto functional daily items that can be used by everyone. I wanted them to be fun too!

It's quite tempting nowadays to go for digital printing and mass production and I wanted to keep the hand-crafted tradition to my products. I believe it makes each item unique! My policy is to work in series and produce in limited editions and quantities. I work with small businesses here in Barcelona and in the UK to print and create some of my products whilst others are sewn and assembled by myself. I work in my small studio, where I design, draw, create and manufacture some of the products and share my time between Hey Sosi and my artistic practice.

You can visit my portfolio at www.sofiaschizas.com

Thank you!