Hey Sosi
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Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

A collection of the limited edition art prints, printed using manual techniques like silkscreen printing, risography and linography.


Dove is a drawing I made using china marker on paper and then digitally coloured the elements. Although this drawing is used in another project, I liked it so much that I decided to print it! A limited edition of 30 prints.


Sunflowers risograph print is from an original gouache drawing. A closed edition of 30 prints.

Grid and Shapes

This is a four colour hand pulled silkscreen print that is an exact copy of an artwork from my portfolio. The original artwork is made on paper using ink and coloured paper board on paper. A limited edition of 30 prints.

Koh & Nur

This set of prints has the peculiarity of combining risograph printing and liquid watercolour paint. The colours have been hand painted by me and then printed to finish off the art prints. A limited edition of 25 prints.

Black Shapes

Black shapes is taken from my personal sketchbook from when I was experimenting with monochromatic shapes using black drawing ink. Different shapes that try to co-exist in a determined space. A limited edition of 25 prints.

Couples N.2

The second set of this series, Couples n.2 is a linograph print that has been previously drawn and hand carved by me in my studio. A limited edition of 30 prints.